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We are one of the renowned logistics firm in China. Our professionals comprehend the need and requirement of our client prior to offering solutions.

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What we think about is: why do customers choose to express delivery? I think one is "fast".Sending a sample from Shenzhen to the United States, or to Spain, it about 5-7 days .The consignee can immediately follow the follow-up operations after receiving the courier, it also to facilitate the courier user's process Operation; Secondly, "delivery",It means that it use of scale and networking advantages, for the customer to save costs, needn't require customers to send people to send their own vehicles to deliver goods or information.  On top of these two basic requirements, security, information, and other requirements for express delivery are extended! People-oriented, fast delivery and service protection are our core values.

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Shenzhen iFlyEagle Logistics was born in 2015. The start-up team has had 10 years of industry experience in the traditional logistics and freight forwarding industry. After keenly seeing the strong demand of cross-border e-commerce companies for comprehensive logistics solutions, they have traditionally Based on logistics, we launched a logistics service that meets the needs of cross-border e-commerce sellers. Shenzhen iFlyeagle Logistics aims to help cross-border e-commerce companies integrate, manage, and optimize global logistics channels in the United States, Spain, and so on. In September 2016, it launched its own Spanish overseas warehouse service, which aims to help cross-border e-commerce sellers expand their Spanish business, help cross-border e-commerce sellers achieve localized marketing, and achieve cross-border seller sales growth. Since launch of Spain overseas warehouse , it has shipped more than tens of thousands of parcels, and the service has been highly praised by customers. It has helped cross-border e-commerce sellers achieve rapid growth in Spanish site sales. Read more

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